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Best Pokemon Gifts for Kids

Best Pokemon Gifts for Kids

Starting in 1995 as a Nintendo game, Pokemon has seen phenomenal growth that is almost incomparable. To this day, Pokemania shows no signs of abating.

Pokemon masters and fans sure know how Pokemons evolve with time and grow more powerful. In the same vein, the Pokemon brand has grown into a powerful force to be reckoned with and evolved into a subculture for young kids.

Here are the best pokemon gifts for young kids.

8 Best Pokemon Gifts for Kids

1. Pokemon Shining Legends Elite Trainer Box Collectible Cards


Pokemon Shining Legends Cards live up to their name. Ardent pokemon players now have access to the expansion of the shining legend, complete with a guide that explains all they need to know.

Special features include 65 card sleeves that show ho-oh. There are also ten pokemon TCG: shining legends booster packs. Young fans can get started with the competition-legal coin-flip die.

In short, the trainer box has everything that aspiring pokemon masters need to start training and winning.

2. Mega Construx Pokemon Gyarados


Lego toys are one of the safest and best gifts for kids. Not only are they a ton of fun, but they also nurture creativity, focus, and intelligence. And the fantastic results are something that kids of all ages can be proud of.

Any Pokemon fan will be proud to create a lifelike model of the fearsome Gyarados. The deep monster is a ferocious and intimidating presence that any Pokemon master would love to have on their side.

Mega Construx is a worthy rival to the Lego brand. It makes similar toys that kids can piece together using blocks and parts provided. The Gyarados pack has everything that kids need for a realistic replica of well-known Pokemon – spikes, fins, fans, tail, and more.

The final model measures 9 inches long. Measuring 9 inches long, the intricately detailed Pokemon can adopt the iconic battle-ready pose that it is famed for. This makes for an impressive sight and is something that all Pokemon fans would like to flaunt in their rooms.

3. Poke Ball Belt


Any Pokemon fan can now step in the shoes of a Pokemon master with this Poke Ball Belt. As ardent Pokemon fans will know, the Poke Ball and belt is necessary to “catch them all.”

The belt is adjustable to fit most waist sizes. There are Poke Balls that avid fans can slip onto the belt. A miniature Pokemon is also available, which can fit into these balls. Little ones will have fun taming, capturing, and training exotic Pokemons using this Poke Ball belt.

4. Ultra Pro UP-84237 Pokemon X and Y 2 3-Ring Binder


The three-ring binder is the ultimate storage option for keeping all your precious Pokemon cards safe and sound. Perfect for budding and expert Pokemon trainers who are always on the go. Now any young Pokemon trainer can take their Pokemon cards with them wherever they choose to go.

The binder can keep Pokemon cards safe from bending and tearing. Pokemon fans can maintain their cards in pristine condition for playing, trading and sharing.

5. Super Deluxe Essential Handbook (Pokémon)


How can you catch them all if you don’t know them all? With the Super Deluxe Essential Handbook, avid Pokemon fans can now make their acquaintance with almost all Pokemon characters. Even grown-ups can enjoy letting their imagination run wild in the rich, intriguing, and fascinating Pokemon universe. They, too, could become die-hard Pokemon fans in just one reading!

This is legit the ideal present for any aspiring Pokemon trainer. Almost 500 colorful, vibrant pages cover a mind-blowing 800 Pokemon characters. It has all the facts and stats about the Pokemon world that you could ask for.

The book is easy to read. Even young kids will love perusing the 60+ pages on the latest Pokemon additions featured in the Sun and Moon video games.

This reference book is no doubt an awesome way to encourage your kids to read more. The rowdiest kids will sit down to pore over the book, rapt with attention for hours at end. This is a lifesaver for parents as well!

6. Pokemon Cap


This cap is perfect for Pokemon fans who look up to their hero Ash Ketchum. Not only is this hat great for cosplays, but it is also great for sunny weather.

Pokemon fans will find this cap ideal for dress-ups and show off their unswerving allegiance to Pokemon.

7. Pokemon Official Plush Toy


The Pokemon official plush toy is a cute and cuddly gift item for your equally cute and cuddly little one. The stuffed Pikachu toy is the ideal gift for kids who eat, sleep and breathe Pokemon.

It measures 8 inches in height and so your little one can it with them wherever they like. It will fit easily onto any toy shelf. The soft and cuddly toy is good for both playing and decorating the room of your kids.

8. Itazura Pokemon Piggy Bank

ASIN: B01LA6171I

Saving money is vital for a secure future. Yet teaching this key life skill to impetuous little kids can be incredibly hard.

Teaching how to save is now a lot easier than the Itazura Pokemon electronically operated piggy bank. Pikachu, looking as adorable as ever, peeks out from the toy and beckons kids to save more coins. Pikachu rewards little kids with different tunes each time they deposit a coin.

Your kids will relish the super cute sounds that emanate from the toy each time they deposit a quarter, dime or nickel.

Our Final Thoughts

With so much merchandise on the market, it is getting harder if not impossible to keep up with the Pokemon motto “gotta catch ’em all.” But with the best pokemon gifts for kids shown above, you can catch hold of the very best pokemon merchandise and toys.