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Best Gifts for Supernatural Fans

Best Gifts for Supernatural Fans

The Winchester brothers had rarely given themselves a break since the first season of Supernatural that aired in 2005. Over the years, the series has earned quite the loyal fandom worldwide. You might also have them as your friends and family. What better gift to surprise them with than a Supernatural T-shirt or funky mini-figures of the Winchester brothers? If you’re looking for such options for Christmas or their special day, this article is for you! We bring you a list of the best gifts for Supernatural fans that are pocket-friendly yet unique.

Or, if you’re a supernatural fan, you can send this list to your loved ones and relax until your special day comes. So, let’s get started!

10 Best Gifts for Supernatural Fans

1. Supernatural Seasons DVDs


No matter how many times they’ve watched it, giving a fan a complete set of DVDs of all seasons is undoubtedly a safe bet. Although the epic journey of the Winchester brothers came to an end, their fans still can’t get enough of them. You can get a set of DVDs from Season 1 to 13, whereas the rest of the Seasons 14, 15 and 16 are available separately.

2. Supernatural: John Winchester’s Journal

(ASIN: 1683830741)

You can find everything you need to know about destroying demons and other creatures in this diary, written by Daddy Winchester himself. What a godsend!

This journal can be a unique gift for a crazy fan. It contains John Winchester’s pieces of advice about his decades of hunting. It also features notes, sketches, the classic images of the Winchester brothers and their father, pages of content and blank pages for the fans to note down their adventures. It can be the best gift for a Supernatural fan who also loves to write.

3. Miniature Impala

(ASIN: B072WDZV55)

If the Supernatural fan you’re planning to surprise is still a teenager, a miniature Chevrolet Impala Sport can be the best gift. The car is an integral part of the series, and Dean Winchester considers it his baby. Fans have grown to love it and can’t imagine the brothers driving around in another car! You can get this car online at Amazon.

4. The FUNKO POP Figures of Castiel and the Winchester Brothers


Funko Pops are vinyl figurines of different characters that have also made their way to the Supernatural series side. You can get adorable versions of Dean, Sam and Castiel but many other mythical characters, such as Bobby or Charlie. Your fan friend can decorate their office or any space with these Funko Pops.

5. Dean’s Amulet


Like Castiel, you seek God, and the only way for you is to use Dean’s magic amulet? Imagine that it is very easy to get it. You can get a silver-plated or an alloy amulet for your loved one on their birthday, Christmas, or for any occasion.

6. Sam and Dean Thermal Effect Mug


Mugs and coffee cups with the picture of favorite characters never go out of trend. Every fan likes to see the image of characters from their favorite series while drinking coffee. And when it’s a heat-sensitive mug that reveals the character image when hot liquid is poured in it, it’s an added excellence.

Many people like to see the image of their mug change with the heat. And if they are Supernatural fans, why not mix the two? You can different sized thermal mugs with different pictures and symbols related to the series. You can also get them customized according to your fan friend’s taste.

7. Supernatural T-shirt

(ASIN: B08644WF31)

T-shirts with Dean and Sam pictures or Supernatural anti-possession symbols always fascinate their fans. Shirts with Dean’s reference are also available in the market, which you can get and ask your loved ones if they understand the reference.

And when it’s cold, you can opt for a Winchester sweater (ASIN: B098XGSJM3), in homage to Dean and his famous phrase “Save people, hunt things, the family business” or “Join the hunt.” If you don’t feel like shopping around, you can order them online.

8. Supernatural Monopoly Board Game


Getting killed by demons, eating a pie, or ending up in prison haunted by a ghost; is what the Monopoly version of the series has for its fans! This game can be exciting for the whole family, where they can play choosing their favorite Winchester brother and can owe rent or reap the rewards by advancing to vampire or the Lucifer himself.

9. Supernatural Official Cookbook

(ASIN: 1789093465)

Yes, you read it right! They have also published an official cookbook that brings a variety of recipes from the series to life. It can be the best gift for Supernatural fans who love cooking or are food enthusiasts just like the Winchesters. The book features Sam and Dean’s favorite dishes, which they enjoyed during the shows while devising their hunting plans.

10. Life-size Cardboard Dean and Sam Replica

(ASIN: B01N7KJQ94)

Do you have trouble sleeping? No worries, Dean Winchester is watching over you. You can get life-size cardboard cut-outs of the Winchester Brothers along with a mini tabletop. Your fan friend will love it. However, if they are scaredy cats, it may scare them a little in the first few days when they get up in the middle of the night.

Our Final Thoughts!

We hope that this article will help you in choosing the best gifts for Supernatural fans. Anyone obsessed with the Supernatural series would love these. Share with us if these options worked for you, and let us know what Supernatural items you bought for your loved one.