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Best Gifts for League of Legends Players

Best Gifts for League of Legends Players

League of Legends or LoL, as it is commonly known, is known to almost every gamer worldwide. If you have loved ones who are LoL fans and you still don’t know what to get them on their special day, this article shares with you some ideas for the best gifts for league of legends players.

In League of Legends World Championship finals 2020, the concurrent viewership of Riot Games peaked at 45 million, and regular concurrent players peaked at 8 million. Considering its popularity, it’s a safe bet that most of your friends have heard of it, and many even play it. Therefore, League of Legends can be a perfect theme to make a Christmas gift.

However, sometimes it is hard to find the ideal object to hit. Therefore, this article helps you with a series of ideas that can be the best gifts for LoL fans.

9 Best Gifts for League of Legends Players

1. League of Legends Funkos


Giving LoL Funkos is always a success. If you want to make an LoL player happy, we recommend that you gift them a Funko of their favorite character. These funkos are not very big in size, but they can brighten up any desk, window, or support.

2. League of Legends Plush Toys

(ASIN: B086SC27LC)

Giving Poro plush dolls to LoL fans is always a safe bet. Poros is the iconic mascot of League of Legends. They are mysterious, magical little creatures with a fondness for cookies and can be found in the Howling Abyss.

It’s the little kawaii touch of League of Legends, and everyone loves them. The perfect gift for a plush and kawaiiness lover!

You can also get Luluwitch and Wukong Monkey’s plush dolls. But remember, gift them the character they like.

3. A League of Legend Book

(ASIN: 0316497320)

You can gift League of Legends: Realms of Runeterra, published in 2019. It’s a book about all the mysteries and magic within League of Legends. It is a first-ever collectible companion book that takes the reader on a journey of the realms of Runeterra—the eleven regions, conflicts, rivalries.

It has all the illusions, maps, and artwork that only a League of Legend fan can understand. It’s is a book that any League of Legends fan will appreciate as long as they enjoy the joys of reading. In short, a safe gift that will never disappoint!

You can also select from a wide range of other League of the Legends book: League of Legends: Zed, League of Legends: Lux, League of Legends Ash, etc.

4. League of Legends Mugs

(ASIN: B08H8W77X6)

A Mug is a classic gift that hits the mark every time. A wide range of League of Legend themed ceramic mugs are available online, but what’s better than giving your loved one a wooden mug. The wooden mug can be an ideal gift, whatever the occasion. And you can also get them customized, engraving the person’s name in the LoL Logo for a unique experience. These can be ideal for accompanying long nightly game sessions to roaming the Summoner’s Rift.

Besides this, a poro inspired mug is always a safe option. A great thing about this mug is that even if you gift it to someone new to League of Legends, they’ll find it cute! Besides, why not take the opportunity to introduce this little creature to one of your relatives and introduce them to the game.

5. League of Legends T-Shirts and


Showing your love for a game or a series through your dress style will never go out of trend. Whether it’s T-shirts or hoodies, giving someone a clothing piece with a picture or logo of their favorite game is always the best option.

If you are gifting to someone, take either the most neutral T-shirt or hoodie possible, with just the League of Legends logo to prevent a fierce Nasus player from ending up with a Teemo T-shirt.

6. League of Legends hats


For fans of cosplay, fancy dress parties or just for fun, a hat can be a nice gift. Whether or not, you like the champion who wears it in the game. As a fan, it’s always nice to have an object adorning a fan’s room that reminds them of their long and hectic hours of play.

7. League of Legends bracelets


In League of Legends, the roles define the missions of each player during a game. Usually, every player is specialized in a particular role. You can get a bracelet with each of the roles is inscribed on them. You can just ask your friend about the role that interests them and get them the bracelet with that specific role.

8. Mouse pads


If gaming mics are falling out of your budget, you can always gift mouse pads. It is a material used by the majority of LoL players, so again little risk of making a mistake.

This is a pure gift. If you play LoL, you have to do it on a PC, so the LoL peripherals will be ideal. You can also get mouse pads of the League of Legends characters to make your friend happy.

9. The Ultimate Gift: a Gaming Laptop

(ASIN: B092RX3H5N)

If you really want to make a League of Legends fan happy, the best gift is the ultimate gear they need to play wherever and whenever they want- a laptop!

LoL is a relatively light game, an entry-level laptop could run without too many problems, but the best choice is still the gaming PC.

Our Final Thoughts!

We hope that this article will be helpful for you in choosing the best gifts for League of Legend players. If it worked for you, share with us and let us know what you bought for your LoL fan friend!