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Best Gifts for Hip Hop Heads

Best Gifts for Hip Hop Heads

Giving a gift to a music lover is a perilous exercise, and hip hop enthusiasts are no exception to the rule. An occasion is approaching, and like every year, you rack your brains to find a gift idea to please your other half, brother, or a colleague who is a fan of hip hop. Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered. This article shares with you the five best gifts for hip hop heads.

Now there will be no more pouting as soon as the gift wrapping paper tore, no more anguish of disappointment. Discover our selection of the 8 best gifts that will bring a smile to any hip hop head.

1. A Hip Hop T-shirt

(ASIN: B07N99F1T4)

One of the best gifts for hip hop heads can be a retro shirt of their favorite artist picture or their tapes printed on them. Ever since Travis Scott brought up to date the group T-shirts worn by teens in the 90s, all kid hip hop fans have been looking for these famous models who sport the panache of their favorite hip hop artist snapped up in a sublime Photoshop combo based on flames and explosions.

If you don’t have time to shop around, you can get these shirts online at Amazon.

2. A Beautiful Hip Hop Book to Complete Their Library

While several generations who grew up with hip hop come to maturity, you might have seen a growing number of books devoted to hip hop and its culture over the years. You can opt for the more recent releases, but you need to make sure that your hip hop friend doesn’t have it.

You can find a great selection of books on hip hop at book stores or online.

3. A Vinyl Player

(ASIN: B08SQ43D75)

Many hip hop enthusiasts must regret not having that vinyl of the time. For the others, some turntables have a little something extra. The vinyl player and converter allow you to listen to the hip hop albums on vinyl and convert them to current formats via a USB port.

Many output sockets allow you to connect external speakers or wireless headphones and an amplifier. As input, you can connect an iPod or any other audio player. This record player is a built-in stereo speaker you can use to listen to your favorite music.

Made from vintage wood, combined with modern fashion technology, these vinyl players can be the best gift for your hip hop friend.

4. A Sublime Hip Hop Poster


Whether you are 14 or 44 years old, when you are a fan of hip hop, you feel the inextricable need to defend this culture to the point of wanting to hang posters or works on the wall that pay tribute to the hip hoppers who have helped us.

You can gift them a poster of their favorite artist or a poster with artists from all generations from Tupac to Nas to Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and even PNL and Oxmo Puccino.

5. Hip Hop Graffiti Sneakers

(ASIN: B08C7371WY)

A pair of sneakers can be the best gift for a hip hop fan. Get fashion graffiti sneakers with rap designs or get them customized according to your needs that complement any jeans or sportswear.

6. A Concert Seat

On the bill at all festivals, on tour, or in concert, today’s rap is more than ever experienced live. As a result of this new craze, the price of concerts is increasing, and you have to be very responsive to nab your seats to see some of the most anticipated hip hoppers. A ticket to a concert can be one of the best gifts for hip hop heads.

Rather than a material gift, offering a show ticket will allow your loved ones to live a unique moment, have new experiences and create memorable memories.

7. Hip Hop Earrings

(ASIN: B0995YK366)

If your companion loves to wear jewelry that complements their hip hop style, giving them a pair of hip hop earrings or studs can be the best option. Search for well-designed and attractive jewelry that matches their style.

For more enthusiasts, look for rings such as a Gangsta Ring (ASIN: B000U5M96I) designed for older adults and teens.

8. Hip Hop Legends Cartoons Stickers


For ideas on a low budget, we recommend the excellent collection of hip-hop stickers on Amazon. You can get vinyl stickers to hang on the wall or to stick on the laptop or fridge with the effigy of legendary rappers and Hip Hop producers, drawn in a fun and modern cartoon style.

You can gift a hip-hop head a sticker of a young Nas, a Spike Lee in Do The Right Thing, the trio A Tribe Called Quest, and of course, the unbeatable combo Tupac and Biggie.

9. A Board Game for Hip Hop Enthusiasts

(Asin: B072HFS7D2)

Hip-Hop or rap quiz or board games are based on hip-hop culture. These games question to test the knowledge on the different themes of the genre, from the most recent to the old schools. It can be an ideal game to brighten up the sad winter evenings of a bunch of hip hop fan friends.

Our Final Thoughts!

Now you must have an idea about the best gifts for hip hop heads to surprise them at Christmas or any other occasion while remaining in the purest hip hop spirit. From vinyl players to a concert seat, these eight gift ideas for hip hop fans will likely hit the mark on December 25th this year.