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Best Gifts for Beekeepers

Best Gifts for Beekeepers

Beekeepers are busy people. They work all around the year to protect their hives from harsh weather conditions, humans, and other predators. Since bees are absolutely vital for our ecosystem, beekeepers are essentially playing a huge role in keeping the planet alive – and for that, they deserve a thoughtful yet functional gift. Regardless of the occasion, here are some of the best gifts for beekeepers that will surely put a sweet smile on their mesh-covered faces

5 Best Gifts for Beekeepers

These brilliant gift ideas will give a real buzz to the beekeepers in your life.

1. The Beekeeper’s Bible

ASIN: 1584799188

Are you looking for a present that would be suitable for an aspiring beekeeper? If you know someone who has recently developed an interest in beekeeping, the critically-acclaimed Beekeeper’s Bible could be a perfect gift for them. This voluminous hardcover by Sharon Sweeney-Lynch contains everything a beekeeping enthusiast may need – including but not limited to the history of this ancient hobby, facts about bees, science and benefits of beekeeping, detailed instructions on making different products from honey and beeswax, and nearly a hundred honey-based recipes.

The information-packed Beekeeper’s Bible can reel anyone in with its glorious illustrations and incredible writing. It is also one of the best coffee tables books you can gift to someone.


  • Premium quality pages with an elegant hardcover
  • Includes a large collection of recipes
  • Easy to read and understand


  • Some may find it too heavy or voluminous

2. Beehive Starter Kit


While individual tools and protective gloves may make for good presents, you can always take things up a notch by gifting your favorite hobbyist with an all-in-one Beehive Starter Kit by Maybee. This kit includes everything one might need to start beekeeping – except the bees. It is easily one of the best gifts for beekeepers that will keep them buzzing.

The Beehive Starter Kit includes a telescoping top cover, inner cover, queen excluder, entrance reducer, wax-coated solid bottom board, assembled deep brood box, deep unassembled frames with wax-coated foundation sheets, bee smoker, beekeeping gloves, cleaning shovel, uncapping knife, beekeeping brush, j and k hooks, bee feeder, beetle traps, smoker pellets, uncapping tool, uncapping fork, spur wire wheel embedder, queen cages, marking tube, multi-function tool, and a bee veil.


  • Wax-coated exterior parts made of fir
  • Includes eight to ten frames
  • Easy to assemble


  • It can be a little pricey

3. Humble Bee Beekeeping Suit


Every beekeeper needs protective gear. Therefore, it is safe to assume that your beekeeper friend will appreciate the Humble Bee Polycotton Beekeeping Suit as a gift. This quality suit is made from a premium blend of cotton and synthetic fabric, weighing about 280 GSM. In other words, this material will protect you from bee stringers while ensuring you remain cool while working outdoors.

The other notable features of the Humble Bee Polycotton Beekeeping Suit include six double-stitched front pockets, four nylon hive tool pockets, elastic waist, heavy-duty zippers, removable round veil, and a 360-degree mesh. Its unisex design makes this suit perfect for all genders. Moreover, this beekeeping suit comes in a deluxe canvas carrying case, which means your beekeeper pal can store and carry it with ease.


  • Durable yet breathable material
  • Multiple pockets to hold different tools and items
  • Available in sizes ranging from XXS to XXXL


  • The face mesh may tear due to prolonged use

4. Little Giant Beehive Log


If you are looking for a gift that’s practical, handy, and affordable, buying a Little Giant Beehive Log Beekeepers Tracking Journal may be a good option for you. This bright yellow logbook is small enough for a beekeeper to slip into their suit pocket yet comprehensive enough for them to record all the basic information about their hives.

The vibrant tracking journal includes different sections for hive condition, hive health, frames and combs, queen and brood, and feeding, to name a few. The patented water-proof pages of this logbook also stand out from the rest of the beekeeping journal. Thanks to this feature, your beekeeper buddy will be able to stay organized with the Little Giant Beehive Log during heavy rains and dry weather alike.


  • A handy notebook that can fit in any beekeeping suit
  • Contains 100 pages to record hive information
  • Water-proof pages will keep all the notes safe


  • Some pens may not work on the paper, though pencils work just fine

5. Pollinator’s Delight Wildflower Seeds


Both aspiring and veteran beekeepers are fond of wildflowers that may attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to their gardens. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with the Pollinator’s Delight wildflower seed grow kit, which includes various seeds that have been carefully chosen to attract, sustain and delight the pollinators in your yard. The kit also includes detailed tips and flower descriptions, making it one of the best gifts for beekeepers.

The Pollinator’s Delight seed mix includes sunflower, purple coneflower, blue flax, perennial lupine, dwarf lupine, crimson clover, California poppy, butterfly milkweed, partridge pea, New England aster, bee balm, plains coreopsis, and lemon mint, to name a few.


  • Includes 25 different types of wildflowers
  • Free replacement if seed don’t germinate
  • Enough seeds to plant an area of 150 square feet


  • Relatively pricey

Our Final Thoughts

Did you know that a majority of crops and wildflowers would disappear if bees stop existing? Researchers have deemed bees the most successful pollinators on the planet, which means they are crucial for the ecosystem.

Beekeepers work tirelessly to help the bees survive. Though most people may think of it as a hobby, it won’t be wrong to describe this ancient practice as a noble profession. So, if you know someone interested in beekeeping or someone who has already dedicated their lives to this activity, you may want to show them how much you appreciate them for their efforts every now then. This list of the best gifts for beekeepers is perfect for the bee-lovers of all ages, so feel free to choose the one that you think is the most suitable.