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Best Gifts for Bass Players

Best Gifts for Bass Players

If you have a friend or family member who plays bass and you don’t know what you could give them this Christmas, here are some original and creative ideas. When it comes to choosing a gift for anyone, the most difficult thing is to select the theme of the gift. But if that person is a musician, and you know that they play bass, you don’t have to worry since the list is too long. This article shares the ten best gifts for bass players.

Bass players are not just musicians, but they are exclusive musicians since they are in charge of carrying the weight in the band because they play bass, an instrument that not everyone dares to play.

If you are already a bass player, you might be familiar with all these gift ideas, but if you have a bassist girlfriend or boyfriend and want to give them a gift, you will have to dive through this section considerately.

10 Best Gifts for Bass Players

1. Bass Ukulele


Bassists are musicians who carry the music in their souls, and any original instrument can be the best gift to surprise them.  A bass ukulele or uke bass is that particular gift that every bass player would wish to receive. Because uke bass is a solution to the problem faced by most of the bass players—not being able to take the bass wherever they want with the same ease as guitar. They need to carry a portable amp and bass along with the acoustic guitar. Bass Ukulele is an electric acoustic that they can play on a street or in a studio plugged into an amplifier.

2. Bass Headphone Amp


A Bass headphone amp can be an excellent gift for bassists, especially those who want to rehearse by listening to their instrument through headphones. Also, it will do a great favor for the roommate or the neighbors of a bass player.

3. Kalimba


A kalimba is a unique musical instrument with beautiful chords to surprise a bass player. It is small, easy to hold the instrument, but with surprisingly loud music. This can be the best thing to share with a music lover. The surprising thing about this instrument is that you can’t do without it once you try it.

4. Electric Bass Pedal

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An electric bass pedal is a technical gift for a bass player. Bass players are always searching for a unit that can give them various delay levels, respecting their bass sound. With your gift, it will be the moment! Therefore, an electric bass pedal can be an ideal gift for a bass player.

5. Bass Tuner

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The bass tuner is an essential element for the bass player. It allows them to play better. It is a recommended gift for any musician, from beginner to professional, whatever instrument they play. You can select from a wide range of models of the bass tuner. Select the one that can be used while playing as it inserts into the headstock as a clamp.

6. Books to Give to Bassists

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Every rock bassist will love playing Metallica songs on the electric bass. That’s why Metallica sheet music books can make a great gift for the rock bassist. They’re official and include all bass lines from every song on the album, with standard bass tablature and music notation. You can also select other books from other groups, such as Iron Maiden or Red Hot Chili Peppers.

7. Electric Bass Cables


If you want to give them a useful gift that is always needed by a bass player, a cable for electric bass is the best option. These cables come with jack connections for amp and bass. No doubt every bass player has it, but it is always good to have a spare cable as they can suddenly stop working in the middle of the show.

8. Bass Stand for an Acoustic and Electric Guitar


A bass stand is another fundamental piece for bass players. A bass stand allows musicians to have the instrument at hand. It is very comfortable to leave the instrument supported without any risk of fall and without having to store it in the case. They will love this gift, as it is super useful and practical.

In addition, when bass players go to play live, they need to have the bass resting somewhere before going on stage. That’s why every bass player who performs at concerts needs a bass stand.

9. Decorations and Ornaments for Bass Players

Many bass players love to collect miniature guitars. A perfect decoration gift that every bass player would like to have is a mini electric bass made of wood.

In addition, bassists like to feel loved and admired for what they do.

An ornament or decoration gift will always have a place in their bedroom or studio.

It is an ideal gift if you do not know what to give to a bass player for Christmas or their birthday. A miniature bass guitar is a safe bet that also goes easy on your pocket! This cool little bass will always remind them of the person who gifted it to them.

10. Bassists Mugs and T-shirts

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Mugs and T-shirts never go out of trend when it comes to theme-based gifts. A mug can be a perfect gift to make them feel special. You can choose from a wide range of different models of mugs for bassists with different phrases or pictures printed on them.

Likewise, a quirky musician doesn’t wear just any t-shirt, which is why a bassist T-shirt design will enchant him.

Our Final Thoughts!

Now you know what you should give to bass players to make them feel special on their special day. We hope that our list of best gifts for bass players would be helpful for you. If it worked with you, share with us and let us know what you got for your bassist friend.