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Best Gift for Liberals

Best Gift for Liberals

As the holiday season approaches, we have compiled a list of the best gifts for liberals that you can give your friends who lean to the left. This list provides you with a range of special gifts you can give to your political friends, even if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars

The 10 Best Gifts for Liberals

1. “I Love When I Wake Up in The Morning and Donald Trump Is No Longer President” Mug


This quirky yet honest mug can be gifted to all Biden supporters (and Trump haters) after the Democratic Party won the 2020 elections in the US. It is an all-white mug with a black engraved font.

2. “Votes for Women” Pin


Here, we have a lapel pin that depicts a photo from the suffragette movement or female protestors demanding for the political right to vote in general elections. This pin will melt the heart of your favorite feminist friend and family member.

3. “Notorious R.B.G.” Uni-Sex T-Shirt


This is for all the hardcore Ruth Bader Ginsburg fans who were heartbroken after the death of the associate justice of the Supreme Court in September 2020. This is an ode to the feminist icon who shattered glass ceilings by advocating for women’s rights and making her mark as a woman in the judicial system.

4. “I Hope You Like Feminist Rants Because That’s Kind Of My Thing” Mug


We all have an ultra-feminist friend who will never miss an opportunity to point out the injustices women and minorities face in their everyday lives. This mug is perfect for a liberal feminist (and a great warning for others to be on their best behavior). The white mug comes with engraved pink block font that fits across its length, covering the front side of the mug.

5. “The Book Of Gutsy Women” by Hilary and Chelsea Clinton.

ISBN: 1501178415

This is for all Hillary Clinton fans – a book about stories of courageous and resilient women throughout history. She co-authored this book with her daughter Chelsea Clinton, and you can get it in hardback and the kindle version. We recommend gifting the hardback edition, which the receiver can put on their bedside or coffee table.

6. “President of My Heart” Bernie Mug


This is for all Bernie devotees who never got a chance to see their favorite candidate become president. This mug comes with an illustration of Bernie’s face wearing a flower crown with doodles of hearts and lightning bolts all around.

7. “Black Lives Matter” Keychain


To stand against oppression means to stand with black lives. Gift this keychain to your favorite BLM advocate as a constant reminder to keep fighting for justice. This keychain comes with an attached plate that has “Black Lives Matter” engraved with black ink. It also comes with the justice fist in two different colors.

8. “Love is Love” Cushion Cover


Everybody deserves to love whoever they want to. Show your support towards your LGBTQ friends and family by gifting them this cute and minimalist cushion cover. This 18×18 inch cotton linen cushion cover comes with a watercolor rainbow with line art of two hands joining together, forming a heart. The bottom end of the cushion states “love is love” in a scribbled handwriting font.

9. “The Future is Female” Bracelet


This stainless steel cuff bracelet for the leading women’s rights activist in your life. This strong and durable bracelet is exactly like the woman you thought of while reading this review. The bracelet itself is lightweight and adjustable and is about 2mm thick.

10. Leftist T-Shirt


This all-encompassing black t-shirt stands up for the LGBTQ+ community, women’s rights, the refugee crisis, climate change, and other forms of oppression. The statements are color-coded according to the LGBTQ flag, starting from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. The perfect gift for outspoken liberals who stand up for justice in every capacity they can.

Our Final Thoughts

The world is filled with people with varying political inclinations and a different set of priorities. What we can say for sure is that all the liberals in our lives constantly question and challenge the status quo around them and speak up against all the social and political issues we face.

With this list of the best gifts for liberals, you can easily think of several different gift ideas for liberals for any occasion, from quirky mugs to different books and graphic t-shirts. For a pretty reasonable price, you can win the heart of your liberal friends and family members with these gift ideas.